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How to get star ratings on Google search results 

How to get star ratings on Google search results 

Have you ever wondered how some websites get the beautiful yellow stars and review count next to their web link in the Google search result? Showcasing great 5-star ratings and reviews in your website’s search results is a great way to stand out in organic search. Well, these are organic star ratings and here is a handy little guide to improve your chances of getting these stars next to your webpage!

Here is an example of star ratings from Google search result:

An example of star ratings from Google search result

In this illustration you can see a picture of the ice cream is added with rating of the recipe, the time it takes to prepare this type of ice cream and the number of calories it contains. It has much more information so that it is called as rich snippets.

Why are rich snippets important for SEO?

Rich snippets stand out and look much nicer and you will instantly know more, just by looking at them. People like to click on rich snippets so that it has higher click-through rate. If the click-through rate of a snippet increases, you will get more traffic from that search result. Not because your position in the search engine changed, but just because more people click on your result. In the long run, rich snippets will affect your ranking as well. As more people click on your result, Google will notice that people prefer your page above other ones. That will definitely improve your rankings in the long run!

How do you get star ratings (rich snippets) on Google search results?

Google can show rich snippets if you add structured data to your site. Structured data is a piece of code in a specific format, written in such a way that search engines understand it. Search engines read the code and use it to create rich snippets.

So structured data is a tool you can use to tell Google in a way it understands what you are saying i.e detailed information about a page on your website. Google then will be able to use this information to create informative search results in some cases rich snippets in the form of star ratings and review.

For WordPress, there are special plugins that will help you to show rich snippets in the Google search results. In this post I will be mentioning one of my favorite.

Yasr – Yet Another Stars Rating:

Yasr – Yet Another Stars Rating

I am using  Yet Another Stars Rating in short “YASR” on my WordPress site. It is a lightweight plugin which comes with some great features. It’s based on an older jQuery plugin called “RateIT“, and that’s about where the similarities end. YASR will let you create multiple star ratings for different aspects of your posts, and it even integrates the ratings in the Google search indexing.

Download YASR

How to use YASR – Yet Another Stars Rating?

You need to follow below steps if you wish to see star ratings at the end of your post like us.

YASR – Yet Another Stars Rating Illustration

Step 1:

Download YASR from here. If you are new to WordPress and wants to know how you can find and install a plugin from WordPress repository then you should read our how to install a WordPress plugin article.

Step 2:

After successful installation on your left lower side of WordPress dashboard, you can  see YASR settings menu. Just click on it.

Click on YASR settings 

Step 3:

Under setting menu you will have three more tabs and they are “General settings, Multi Sets, Aspect and styles”. For this post I will specifically discuss on “General settings” tab only. Under general settings tab you will have multiple options which most of the cases you do not need to change and its default value is enough. As I have shown you below, select “No” for auto insert options.

YASR general settings

Just below of save settings button, you will find two more options and they are “Show overall rating in archive page and Show  visitor votes in archive page”, where you need to select option “No”.

Step 4:

Next option is “Insert custom text to show before / after stars”. You need to select option “Yes”. and custom text you can mention anything of your desire. I am providing some sample for you.

Custom text to display before visitor rating – Was this article helpful to you?

Custom text to display when a non logged user has already rated – You have already voted for this article

Custom text option

Step 5:

As you will proceed to other settings of YASR general tab, you will get three more options and their setting will be as follows:

YASR general settings for saving IP address

Do you want shows statistics for visitors vote? – No

Allow only logged in user to vote? – Allow everybody (logged in and anonymous)

Do you want to save IP address? – Yes

Step 6:

YASR general settings for rich snippet options

Under rich snippet option you need to select aggregate rating where the end result will look something similar to below illustration.

Aggregate rating example
Aggregate rating example

In aggregate rating it shows average rating based on multiple ratings or reviews. but you are going other way round then you can select review rating which means its only your rating which you have given. One example you can show from below below illustration.

Review rating example
Review rating example

After it go to “Select default item type for all post or pages” option you need to select one option from the four. I have selected the option of BlogPosting due my website is dedicated to posting articles. If you are selling any product then you can select the option “Product” and other are self descriptive.  Other two option you will get just below of it and they are Publisher name where you need to enter accordingly. In my case I have entered my name. on Logo URL, enter your favicon URL.

Step 7:

YASR general settings for overall rating

Finally you need to select Stars” as your overall rating and click on save settings button. This is the last setting under general tab which we have completed as per our requirement.

Step 8:

Yasr shortcode


You have successfully set up YASR, now visit Posts -> Add new from WordPress dashboard. You can figure out a small button as “Yasr Shortcode”, click on it.

Yasr shortcode instruction 

Under main tab, click on Insert Overall rating then medium button. YASR shortcode will add below of your post as we have under our post ending.  If you follow the steps as described, your star snippet will display in the Google search results once the page is re-indexed by Google.

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