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Comment Policy

We owe a lot to our beloved commentators, readers, and subscribers. We enjoy interacting with all you guys. But this comment policy is for certain people and newbie visitor to hello-sunil.in.

So from now onward, this blog has a formal comment policy, which we hope everyone will follow. We reserves the right to make changes in the comment policy of this blog anytime and without prior notice.

Avoid silly complimentary comments

We really appreciate readers thanking our authors and this blog, but if everyone starts to comment the same, then our discussion panel will become meaningless. So kindly avoid complimentary comments like “Thank you”, “Excellent article”, “This article helped me a lot”, “Great tips, I’m going to follow this”, etc.

Avoid this because it will help people to differentiate a genuine comment and spam/fake comment. Under such a situation, we may delete your comment to avoid further issues. Thanks for understanding.

Moderating comments

This applies only for first time commentators. In order to make a good comment page, all comments, trackbacks, and pingbacks made here will be moderated.

We will review the comments as soon as possible and mostly we will reply to every comment made. Don’t resubmit your comment if it is not appearing right away, maybe it is under moderation.

Spammers and Advertisers

This blog is protected by Akismet which catches the majority of automated spam comments. If by any case, those spam comment slips through the filters, we will delete them immediately.

Using Advertising Keywords in the name field of comment form is prohibited. Those comments will be deleted.

Language and Racism

Avoid harsh language and racist comments. Using such language and comments will kill the respect of our blog, because your comments may cause damage to this blog and your comment will be hated and ignored by this.

Linking to your blog

We don’t mind using links in the comment if it is relevant to the topic and comments. Irrelevant and/or excessive are not encouraged, so they are removed without prior notice and they may also be marked as spam.

We request you not to use this as an opportunity to promote or advertise anything.

Signature in comments

We don’t discourage or encourage leaving signatures in comments. That is completely optional and we will allow signatures in comments. We will not delete the comments with signatures as long as the comments are relevant and added something to the conversation.

Comments may be edited

We have some reasonable rights for editing or deleting comments whenever we feel it is necessary. Don’t worry. This applies only if you left blatant spelling and grammatical errors.

This might kill your previous comment. But remember, we won’t cause any damage to the meaning of your comment.

In simple, if we find a comment irrelevant to the current article, we will delete it asap.