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How to access blocked popular Torrent sites in India - 100% Working

How to access blocked popular Torrent sites in India [100% Working – Updated 2019]

Every user thinks they have all the rights to browse anything on the web using the internet. After all, the information is fed on the web only for the access and benefit of the users. But due to one or other reason, the Indian Government has banned some websites to access in India which includes some popular torrents websites like PirateBay, Torrentz2, LimeTorrents, Extratorrent, EZTV etc. Here is a top guide on how to access blocked popular Torrent sites in India.

Method #1: Use proxy to access blocked Torrent sites

If you are an internet user, then you most probably know what a proxy is. The proxy which is also called a “proxy server” is a gateway between the local network and the internet. When you connect with a proxy, you can access the content you want. There are a number of proxy sites available online which can help you open the blocked Torrent sites in India. I am going to share you few popular Torrent proxy site’s along with a special site which we can consider “Mother of all Torrent proxy”. Are you excited ? Let’s dive in.

Pirate Bay Proxy:

Pirate Bay Proxy Link 1 Yes
Pirate Bay Proxy Link 2 Yes

Extratorrent Proxy:

Extratorrent Proxy Link 1 Yes
Extratorrent Proxy Link 2 Yes


EZTV Proxy:

EZTV Proxy Link 1 Yes
EZTV Proxy Link 2 Yes

Rarbg Proxy:

Rarbg Proxy Link 1 Yes
Rarbg (New domain) Yes



isoHunt Proxy:

isoHunt Proxy Link 1 Yes
isoHunt Proxy Link 2 Yes

Torrentz2 Proxy:

Torrentz2 (New domain 1) Yes
Torrentz2 (New domain 1) Yes


LimeTorrents Proxy:

LimeTorrents Proxy Link 1 Yes
LimeTorrents Proxy Link 2 Yes

 Movierulz Proxy:

Movierulz Proxy Link 1 Yes
Movierulz Proxy Link 2 Yes


Putlocker Proxy:

Putlocker Link 1 Yes
Putlocker Link 2 Yes

Kickass Proxy:

Kickass Link 1 Yes
Kickass Link 2 Yes

Yify Proxy:

Yify Link 1 Yes
Yify Link 2 Yes


Unblocked PW:

unblocked-pw-how to access blocked popular Torrent sites in India

Unblocked.pw is the quickest and easiest solution for torrenting. Basically they have links to proxies for 50+ of the most popular Torrent sites in the world. And virtually none of these proxies are on the blocked list (and if they are, they will be updated).

Just pick a site…click…Torrent.

Method #2: Use https on browser address bar

Step 1: Enter website URL on browser address bar (eg: http://thepiratebay.org/), which returns a following message:

PirateBay - Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India


Step 2: All you have to do here is replace http:// in the URL to https://. Once the secured connection is established, you can access your desired Torrent site (ThePirateBay.org).

The Pirate Bay unblocked in India

Method #3: Use VPN service

Unlike a proxy, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) encrypts all your traffic by replacing your current ISP with the virtual location as per your preferences. There are plenty of VPN software available on the Internet. However, some of them cost money while the others are filled with ads. Hence, I recommend the Opera browser that comes with free VPN access.

Step 1: Download and Install Opera browser.

Step 2: Go to settings.

Opera browser settings

Step 3: Navigate to Privacy & Security. Scroll down and enable VPN.

Enable VPN in Opera browser

Step 4: Once the VPN is enabled, the traffic goes through one of the many remote servers set up by Opera. Since the location is no more detected as India, most of the websites banned in India will be easily accessible.

ThePirateBay Unblocked via Opera free VPN



I am not against the ban or blocking of some unethical sites as they violate the internet user policy, but for legitimate users, they also do reserve rights to access the information they found useful for their progress or knowledge. So, for such users, I have tried to mention some tips which can help them to open blocked torrent sites in India. Because technology has alternative always.

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