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How to Unblock Kickass Torrents [100% Working – Updated 2024]

Torrent sites are the best solution for “Tech Geeks” and internet surfers, who always in search for new movies, games, songs and books free to download.

These sites let you download everything for free that you crave to download from the internet but get upset by its cost.

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But government put restriction on these sites as soon as they gain popularity among users.

Hence to shield themselves from such attacks, torrent sites like Kickass tend to change their domain names every now and then. In this article, we will help you to access blocked Kickass site through proxy.

Here we have listed such proxy for you that will unblock Kickass. You can click on any Kickass proxy site to access it easily. But before accessing Kickass proxy site, let us understand – What is Kickass torrents proxy and how it works?

What is Kickass torrents proxy?

As your ISP has blocked the access to a particular site, you can reach that site by using another server for accessing the site you want.

These sites that help you to access a specific unavailable site, are called as “Proxy Servers.”

Proxy basically means a person who generally takes your place or replaces you to do some work for you when you are not present over there.

What basically happens when you use a proxy server, it sends an online request to the proxy server instead of going to the destination. The proxy server then hides your IP address with a new IP and then guides you to the destination.

Since you are accessing the website with a new IP address, you will not be blocked now.

It is important that you select the right Kickass proxy to reach the Kickass server. As the speed of different Kickass proxy servers varies.

Here we are going to mention a list of very safe and secure Kickass proxy which you can try to access Kickass torrents.

As of now all of the sites which are mentioned below are working perfectly and they are live. Here are the working Kickass proxy sites as of 2024:

Kickass proxy sites list

🔗 URL🚥 Status
Kickass Proxy Link 1🟢 Up
Kickass Proxy Link 2🟢 Up
Kickass Proxy Link 3🟢 Up
Kickass Proxy Link 4🟢 Up
Kickass Proxy Link 5🟢 Up
Kickass Proxy Link 6🟢 Up
Kickass Proxy Link 7🟢 Up
Kickass Proxy Link 8🟢 Up


We hope that your net surfing will be more hassle free after reading this blog post. Because these Kickass proxy lets you hide your IP address from your ISP.

Which opens a huge pool of web content such as a new song or movie or maybe a gateway to the video games that are extremely hard to find on normal websites.

Thank you for reading this article, if you like this post kindly share it with your friends and again keep torrenting.

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Sunil Pradhan

Hi there 👋 I am a front-end developer passionate about cutting-edge, semantic, pixel-perfect design. Writing helps me to understand things better.

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  • Great tips for unblocking Kickass Torrents! Just remember to stay safe online and follow the law while downloading.

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Sunil Pradhan

Hi there 👋 I am a front-end developer passionate about cutting-edge, semantic, pixel-perfect design. Writing helps me to understand things better.