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🔥🔥 Best VS Code Shortcuts for Faster Programming (GIF Included) – : Windows Edition ⌨️

Do you ever watch experienced programmers perform magic tricks in VS Code editor and wonder how they did it? Writing code is probably the most complex task in the world, it requires physical engagement, focus, a clear and undisturbed mind in order to fully immerse oneself in the process.

Switching frequently between keyboard and mouse can be quite exhausting and kill your fluent process over and over again.

Mastering your keyboard can save you hours upon hours of time every week. Whether you are working on an important project or trying to meet a deadline, knowing VS Code shortcuts can be a massive difference maker.

If you don’t use keyboard shortcuts frequently, it is time to switch it up. It might take a little bit of time to master the keyboard shortcuts, but once you master them, you will find yourself coding much faster without using a mouse 🖱 between lines.

In this post I will list my top favorite VS Code shortcuts that make you a faster coder. I personally think it makes coding a lot funner when applying these shortcuts. Watching our time get cut in half makes us feel proactive, right?

So here we go….⌨️

💡 Note

This article is written for Windows user, and in case you are a Mac user, try to follow the same shortcuts by using command (⌘) key instead of ctrl key, and most of them should work.

#1 Open terminal in VS Code

Do you know that VS Code comes with an integrated terminal? Yes, its true. You really don’t need to go to your project directory and open the terminal, you can directly use the VS Code integrated terminal for various commands that you need in your project.

VS Code Keyboard shortcut – ctrl + ` (backtick)

This will open the integrated terminal and focus the cursor in it. If you press it again, it will close, and your cursor goes back to where it was.

#2 Switch between tabs

When I started to use VS Code for first time, I often used mouse to jump from one open tab to others. But later I learned ctrl + tab shortcut key, which helps to switch between tabs.

Switch between recent tabs – ctrl + tab

You can also switch between tabs in order using — alt + <number>
For example, alt + 1 , alt + 2, alt + 3 and so on…

#3 Close the current tab in VS Code

Once your job complete you might wanna close your current tab, right? Then use this shortcut – ctrl + w.

Switch between recent tabs – ctrl + w

#4 Move to the beginning/end of the file

Sometime you need to go at the start or the end of the file then you can use the following shortcuts:

Go to start: ctrl + home
Go to end: ctrl + end

#5 Add multiple cursors in VS Code

💡 What is multi-cursor mode in VS Code?

Multi-cursor mode can be used to place as many cursors in as many places as you want in a single editor view. Once you have your cursors placed, you continue editing, and all operations will be applied to all cursors simultaneously.

Sunil Pradhan

Hi there 👋 My name is Sunil and I'm a front-end developer who loves to help others by simplifying web-dev related topics.

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Sunil Pradhan

Hi there 👋 My name is Sunil and I'm a front-end developer who loves to help others by simplifying web-dev related topics.