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Get Windows 10 Product Key in cheapest price

How to buy Windows 10 product key for the cheapest price in India [Updated 2020]

Windows 10 is by far the most popular operating system in the world. It is generally seen as an improvement over its predecessor. However, we also know that Windows is the most pirated operating system in India. The reason behind its piracy is that users think that owning Windows operating system is expensive to buy in India.

More sadly, the deadline to get a free upgrade to Windows 10 has now passed, so that you will have to look for alternatives. Not to worry though as you can rely on us to help you buy Windows 10 product key for the best price in India.

So, if you are building a brand new system or want to upgrade to Windows 10 on an older device, you are going to need a genuine copy of Windows 10. In this tutorial we are going to learn how to activate Windows 10 with a valid product key. So, abstain from piracy as we show you how to get Windows 10 product key for cheapest possible price in India.

Outline of this post:

  • Actual Windows 10 price in India by Microsoft
  • Type of Windows 10 product key available in market
  • Get Windows 10 product key from an authentic sources at a cheapest price
  • Should you buy a cheap Windows 10 OEM key?
  • Best Windows 10 product key deals from an authentic sources
  • Activate Windows 10 with a genuine product key
  • How to tell if Windows 10 license is OEM, Retail or Volume (MAK/KMS)

How much does Windows 10 cost in India?

Before we talk about the cheapest possible price of Windows 10 product key in India, let’s talk MRP (maximum retail price). How much does Windows 10 cost originally at a full retail price in India?

At the time of writing this article, Windows 10 Home cost ₹9,299.00, Windows 10 Pro cost ₹14,799.00 and Windows 10 Pro for Workstations cost ₹22,799.00.

Windows 10 price tag from Microsoft 

– Source : Microsoft 

Windows 10 Home is best for personal or household use whereas Windows 10 Pro is best for small businesses or users needing enhanced functionality.

But Windows 10 Pro for Workstations is designed for advanced users and small businesses that want enhanced functionality with the ability to compute intensive workloads.

How many types of Windows 10 product key available in market

You got the price tag, let’s see how many types of Windows 10 product key available in market through which you can activate your copy of Windows 10.

1#: Volume Licensing (MAK/KMS)

Enterprises buy Windows license in bulk under Volume Licensing Program. There are two types of keys under this scheme – MAK and KMS. You can use MAK keys only once, while KMS keys can be used multiple time. If you are interested to know the difference between MAK and KMS keys then here is the explanation for you.

What is the difference between MAK and KMS Keys?

MAK - Multiple Activation Key

MAK stands for “Multiple Activation Key”. MAK keys are used to activate a specific number of devices. The count is pre-configured as a deal between Microsoft and Enterprise. Every time a device is activated using MAK this is what happens:

  • When you try to activate your copy of Windows 10 via MAK, it will connect to Microsoft’s activation service, verify the key, and subtract 1 from the number of activation still available.
  • MAK keys are best suited for situations where machines are not reinstalled often. Because activation counts are not returned when you wipe a hard drive or reinstall your operating system.
KMS - Key Management Services

KMS stands for “Key Management Services”. If a company wants to keep a tap on their Windows 10 computer and make sure these computers get back to the corporate network from time to time and do not need to connect to the internet, KMS is the way to go.

Instead of going through Microsoft Activation Server, KMS keys go through corporate KMS servers. Every time a device is activated using KMS this is what happens:

  • Like MAK keys KMS keys are also holds a specific number of device activation. The difference between the both lies in how we configure and process KMS activation.
  • When choosing KMS activation, you install a KMS service on one of your Windows servers and that host will then act as an activation server within your organisation. Systems activated through the KMS must periodically re-validate themselves (180 days).
  • The advantage of this method is that you can’t permanently waste KMS keys through a constant cycle of OS re-installation. Eventually expired activation return to the KMS server and increase the available activation count.

2#: Retail Keys

You get this key when you buy a Windows 10 license from Microsoft Store or a retail store. It’s usually 25 alpha-numeric key which you enter in the activation setting. It gets verified, and if valid, the copy of Windows is activated. More important, It can also be used to activate Windows multiple times on different systems (provided it is removed from the old system before installing on a new system). Retail key comes with full support from Microsoft.

What is a product Key?

It refers to the 25 alphanumeric characters required to activate a copy of Windows 10.

3#: OEM Keys

OEM refers to “Original Equipment Manufacturer” and is a term applied to companies that build PCs (HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer etc.). Windows licenses are sold to OEM in bulk at a discount price by Microsoft.

This means that the software and other features will remain same but the software has come pre-installed with the PC when you bought it so it cannot be installed on another PC.

OEM Windows 10 product key

These licenses are directly linked to the hardware where first activated, and are often much cheaper than retail copies of Windows 10. Remember, the OEM version of Windows 10 is tied to a single PC forever, and it doesn’t come with support from Microsoft.

If you are interested to know why Windows OEM key are cheaper in compare to retail key then here is the explanation for you.

How is an OEM licence key different to a retail version of Windows?
  • Have you ever visited wholesale market to buy vegetables. If yes, then you must have seen buying vegetables in bulk cost you always cheaper. Similarly, when you don’t buy vegetables in bulk you need to pay regular price which is costlier than wholesale price. Think of an OEM key are sold to computer manufacturers at wholesale level i.e cheaper. So that they can install Windows on their PC and sell them at consumer market.
  • The OEM embed this key in the UEFI firmware chip of the computer. This also means that you cannot transfer the key to any other PC. That’s in short is the reason why OEM key are more cheaper as compared to retail licence of Windows from Microsoft.
  • As mentioned above, OEM key are bound to the motherboard of UEFI firmware so they are like a unique key one time use. But retail key are not bound to the motherboard. They can be transferred from one PC to another so long as it’s only one at a time.

Before you jump on and get an OEM key though, a few things you should know.

Should you buy a cheap Windows 10 OEM key?

There is nothing illegal about buying an OEM key, so long as it’s an official one. This is a common practice for users who like to build their own gaming PCs, or buy a second-hand device that has either no OS, or one that is out of date.

So long as you are happy to take on the responsibility of being your own technical support, then an OEM version can save a lot of money while offering an identical experience.

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Sunil Pradhan

Developer, Explorer, Learner. My hunger and curiosity drive me forward in directions I want to go.