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WordPress post and page ID – Where to find It

WordPress post and page ID – Where to find it

If you have been using WordPress for any significant amount of time, you have probably come across a situation where you need to find a WordPress post or page IDs. Page and post IDs can come in handy both when you are using plugins and working with code. Have you ever installed a theme, plugin or widget that asks for a post or page ID? 

If you have ever had this problem, you are in luck: today, I am going to show you exactly where to find the WordPress page and post IDs.

Remember: This solution is for self-hosted WordPress sites, not wordpress.com websites.


Finding a post or page ID: 

Go to Posts > All Posts or Pages > All Pages and hover over the name of the post or page whose ID number you want to find.

You will see at the bottom of your browser window a URL. This URL will include the ID. That number is the ID number for the post or page.

Finding a post or page ID
Finding a post or page ID

In the above screenshot you will see post=2202, so 2202 is the ID number for the ‘Airtel prepaid users scared as they receive outgoing voice call expiry notice’ post.

Wrapping things up:

Whether you are using plugins or code, you will probably encounter a situation where you need to know the actual ID of a piece of content on your WordPress site.

Although it’s really easy to do, most WordPress users won’t know how to find the post or page IDs, simply because it’s so rarely needed. Remember how it’s done, so if you are ever asked for it, you won’t waste any time finding it.

Do you have any questions about finding WordPress post or page IDs? Fire away in the comments section below!

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